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Use the calculator to find out:

We’ve used some assumptions to calculate your benefits – read the full set by clicking the ‘Assumptions and terms’ link.

Please make sure all your details are correct before continuing.

  • Previous pensions before 1 April 2010
    Let us know if you have VGPS benefits.
    Previous pensions after 1 April 2010
    Let us know if you also have benefits in any other pension scheme linked to your employment.
  • Pensionable salary
    What is your pensionable salary? You can find this information in your latest Vodafone pension statement. If you do not know your pensionable salary, you can enter your annual pay.
  • Account balance
    What is the value of the benefits you have built up in the DC Plan? (Your latest balance is available from ePA and includes the value of your transition payment if you chose to take this as a pension.) What is the value of the benefits you have built up in the DC Plan? (Your latest balance is available on ePA) What is the value of the benefits you have built up in the DC Plan? (Your latest balance is available on ePA) What is the value of the benefits you have built up in the Vodafone DC Plan and the Cable & Wireless scheme? (Your latest balance is available on ePA)
  • Estimated accrued pension (£)
    What is the level of pension you have built up in VGPS benefits to 31 March 2010? (This information is printed in your benefit statement.) Enter the amount of pension you will have in the Cable & Wireless Worldwide Retirement Plan (CWWRP) at 30 November 2013. Enter the amount of pension you have built up in the VGPS (CWW Section) to 30 November 2013. Enter the amount of pension you have built up in the THUS Group Final Salary Scheme to 30 November 2013.
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Actual cost to you Vodafone's contribution

Your projected Vodafone account
at age 65:

How could I use my account in retirement?

Cash i Cash
If you take your account as cash, you’ll be taxed at your marginal rate of income tax (for example, 20%, 40% or 45%). However, you’ll still be able to take up to 25% of your account tax free.

You could take your account as cash, which may be subject to tax. At age 65, your account value could be £1,234.00

Drawdown i Drawdown
If you choose to purchase a drawdown arrangement, your account is invested and you take amounts out from it whenever you like.

You could transfer your account to a drawdown arrangement.

Pension i Pension
An annuity can provide you with a regular income for the rest of your life. The figure shown is based on a number of assumptions, including you taking no tax-free cash at retirement. You can take up to 25% of your account balance as tax-free cash. However, this would reduce the amount of money you'll have to buy an annuity. The projections are based on you retiring at age 65.

If you bought an annuity with your account you could get a pension of £1,234.00 a year.

Your benefits

£1,234.00 i Final Salary Benefits
This includes increases between your date of leaving the scheme and 31 December 2014. Your pension will continue to be increased until the date you retire.

a year

You’ll receive this pension as well as your benefits from the Plan when you retire.

Lifetime Allowance warning! Lifetime allowance warning
Based on the inputs that you've selected, it looks like your total retirement benefits might exceed the Lifetime Allowance. This could mean you have to pay additional tax when you retire.
Annual Allowance warning! Annual Allowance warning
Based on the inputs you've selected, it looks like you might go over the Annual Allowance. This is the limit to the amount of your pension savings that will get tax relief each year. You might want to get independent financial advice to help you look into this further.

Cash lump sum

Lifetime Allowance warning! Lifetime Allowance warning
Based on the inputs that you have selected, the cash lump sum is projected to be greater than 25% of the Lifetime Allowance and so you may be subject to an additional tax charge.
Contribution rate
The percentage of your salary you have chosen to sacrifice towards your pension.
Additional Voluntary Contributions
To save more towards your retirement, you can make AVCs in addition to the contributions Vodafone makes to your pension.
Retirement age
Choose the age you would like to retire. The later you retire, the more time you will have to save more.
One-off contribution
Saving a one-off contribution into your pension can boost your income in retirement. Select an amount and the month when you would like to make the contribution.
Second transition payment
Paid in April 2014. You can choose to take your Transition Payment as cash or put it into your pension. If you want to put this payment in to your pension, select ‘Pay into pension?’
Investment returns
Select how much you expect your investments to increase by each year. As no one can predict the future you may find that your account increases by more, or less, than this amount in practice.
Your contribution costs less than you think!

The amount Vodafone contributes depends on your contribution rate:

Your total pension is made up of the following

Assumptions and terms

Important information

This calculator carries out calculations based on the data which you input and assumptions about the future such as inflation rates and investment returns. It also assumes that the Vodafone UK Defined Contribution Pension Plan (DC Plan) will not change and that you remain a member of the DC Plan until you retire. None of us can predict the future, so please remember that the results shown by the calculator are for illustration purposes only and do not guarantee any future outcome or entitlement. The actual value of your benefits at retirement is likely to differ from the estimated figures shown.

You may wish to seek independent financial advice before making any decisions about your future retirement benefits provision. A list of independent financial advisers can be obtained from www.unbiased.co.uk.

If you are close to or considering retirement, you should contact Vodafone Pensions for a formal retirement quotation. The assumptions in the calculator may not be appropriate for you to get an accurate estimation of your benefits.

The benefits provided by the DC Plan and other Vodafone pension schemes are ultimately governed by their Trust Deed and Rules and legislation.

Terms and conditions

By using the calculator, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

General notes

The calculator should be used in conjunction with other available communications and not as the sole source of information when making decisions about your retirement benefit arrangements.

All calculator results are shown in today’s terms. The pension figure displayed is rounded down to the nearest £1. The graphical display is not an accurate representation of the figures. It is simply a tool to help you see an indication of potential retirement benefits from your pension with Vodafone. The calculator shows how much membership of the DC Plan might cost you. The calculator also provides an indication of the relationships between retirement age and/or investments and your estimated retirement benefits.

Any choices you make or data that you enter while using the calculator are erased once you have finished using the calculator. However, you have a responsibility to ensure that you exit the website when you are finished with the calculator, especially if you leave your computer for any length of time.

HM Revenue & Customs rules

Please note that your final benefits and any cash lump sum you may take are subject to the pension scheme and HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) rules in place at that time, including income and other taxes. This calculator cannot take account of any future changes to the legislation.

Pension benefits taxation

Pension and retirement benefits, whether from Vodafone or any other source, in excess of the Lifetime Allowance (LTA) will be subject to additional tax. No allowance has been made for any such breaches within this calculator.

Pension contributions taxation

The Annual Allowance (AA) is the maximum increase in retirement savings that can be built up in any one tax year by you, whether in a Vodafone or any other approved pension arrangement, without incurring an additional tax charge. No allowance has been made for any such breaches within this calculator.

National Insurance

The calculator assumes that you participate in salary sacrifice for the purposes of National Insurance savings.

Please note that this calculator cannot show whether or how you may be affected by these HMRC rules now or in the future. You may find it helpful to note the rates and allowances used within the calculator.

How the retirement benefits projection works

The calculator bases its calculations on the personal data you enter when prompted. Estimated benefits shown are those projected to your chosen retirement age and then adjusted so that they are expressed in terms of today’s prices (this enables easy comparison with your current salary).

The default settings in the calculator calculate your benefits in line with current pension legislation, called the Statutory Money Purchase Illustration (SMPI) guidelines. However the results provided by the calculator do not constitute an SMPI projection, and are for illustration purposes only. The fact that the default assumptions used are those specified in pensions legislation does not mean that those assumptions are necessarily appropriate. The cost of buying a pension (annuity rates) is calculated using the SMPI basis effective for the tax year {{annuityAssumptionsYear}}, but does not necessarily reflect the cost of buying a pension from an insurance company.

The annuity rate used within the calculator assumes the cost is based on buying a pension:

Please note that you could choose to purchase a different form of annuity or use an alternative retirement provision such as drawdown.

Inflation rates, investment returns and salary growth are assumed to apply until you retire. This is not likely to reflect what will actually happen in practice. As a result, the actual amount of retirement benefits you receive at retirement may be higher or lower than the figure shown by the calculator, as it will depend on many factors. These include the actual performance of investments, salary increases and the cost of buying a pension at retirement, if applicable.

Purpose and limitations

The calculator allows the user to model future benefits in the DC Plan. In particular:

In addition any benefits already built up in the Vodafone pension arrangements can be projected forward to provide an indication of total retirement benefits. State benefits are excluded.

The calculator assumes:

Whilst considerable effort has been made to validate the calculations used, the accuracy of the calculations cannot be guaranteed and the results are for illustration purposes only.


General assumptions

Please note that the following are assumed only and are not likely to reflect what will actually happen in practice. As a result, the actual amount of benefits you receive at retirement may be higher or lower than the figure shown by the calculator. The fixed assumptions are:

These are assumed to apply from now until you retire.

Retirement benefit assumptions

The retirement benefit projections provided by the calculator assume that:

Contribution assumptions

Calculator rates and allowances in use

{{financialYear}} values:

Basic rate: {{basicRate}} on taxable earnings from {{basicRateBandMin}} – {{basicRateBandMax}}
Higher rate: {{higherRate}} on taxable earnings from {{higherRateBandMin}} – {{higherRateBandMax}}
Additional rate: {{superRate}} on taxable earnings over {{superRateBandMin}}
Standard Personal Allowance = {{standardPersonalAllowance}}
UEL = {{upperEarningsLimit}}
NI standard rate = {{standardRate}}
NI upper rate = {{upperRate}}
NI threshold = {{primaryThreshold}}
Annual Allowance = {{annualAllowance}}
Lifetime Allowance = {{lifetimeAllowance}}
Personal Allowance restriction point = {{personalAllowanceReductionLowerBand}}