Vodafone pensions

Opting out of the DC Plan

If you no longer want to be a member of the DC Plan you should consider the following before opting out:

  • You will not build up pension benefits for the future with Vodafone
    This means that you will need to make alternative arrangements to save for your retirement.
  • You will miss out on Vodafone's matched contributions
    Vodafone will not make contributions to any other pension arrangement. If you want provide the same level of benefits under an individual pension policy, you would have to contribute a lot more than you currently do in the DC Plan.
  • You will miss out on other valuable benefits
    From April 2019, on joining Vodafone, you will be automatically covered for income protection benefits. You must be 'Actively at work' to be eligible for income protection benefits.
  • You may be put back into the DC Plan in the future
    Under government legislation, every three years, Vodafone will automatically re-enrol all employees who have opted out of the Plan. You will receive further information before this happens and will have the option to opt out again.

If you are still considering leaving the DC Plan then you can do this through My Choices, if you wish to discuss the options you would have upon opting out of the Plan you should contact Vodafone Pensions using the details below.